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In what year was the issue of freedom of the press addressed
a) 1734
b) 1834
c) 1974
d) 2004

Which is not a reason why freedom of speech and press are important?
a) people have stupid ideas that should not be shared
b) they help people share information
c) people get information from public places
d) people have access to information that helps to make decisions

A person is standing on the corner speaking out against the president....
a) that person is exercising his rights
b) that person will get arrested
c) that person is an idiot
d) that person is committing libel

Freedom of speech covers...
a) making signs or pictures, marching, waving a flag and the spoken word
b) only the spoken word
c) yelling fire in a crowded room
d) rioting.

If a girl is mad at another girl and spreads rumors that ruins the girls reputation that is an example of
a) slander
b) libel
c) hate crimes
d) prior restraint

True or false: You can only yell "fire" in a crowd if you smell smoke
a) true, since you can only yell "fire" if there actually is a fire
b) false, you can NEVER yell "fire" in a crowded place

True or false: The government can persecute you for your ideas
a) false
b) true

When someone publishes something in order to hurt another person that is called
a) libel
b) slander
c) prior restraint
d) obscene

True or false: Freedom of speech and press rights can be taken away if it hurts national defense
a) true
b) false

Which amendment guarantees freedom of speech and press?
a) 1st amendment
b) 5th amendment
c) 27th amendment
d) 13th amendment

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