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Shay is...
a) Daniel Shay, a farmer and former army captain
b) Richard Shay, the sea captain who lead the first batch of colonists over
c) Amy Shay, the only woman founder
d) Lee Shay, the leader of the development of the transcontinental railroad

What year did Shay's rebellion take place?
a) 1805
b) 1819
c) 1905
d) 1787

Why did the farmers rebel?
a) They wanted to be in charge of the new nation because they provided food for all the citizens
b) The high taxes they were being forced to pay we're causing them to have to foreclose on their land
c) They disliked liked the king and were trying to kill him
d) They felt they had a right to a college education and would fight until they received scholarships

What did Shay's Rebellion lead too?
a) The murder of George Washington
b) The evacuation of over 1000 farms
c) The immediate meeting of the continental congress and development if the constitution
d) A national weapon shortage which lasted for the next twenty years

How many farmers made up Shay's army?
a) 25
b) 100
c) 400
d) 1000

What was drafted after the Constitution?
a) The bill of rights
b) The senate
c) Shay's letter
d) The Declaration of Independence

What did the articles of confederation set guidelines for?
a) Housing rights of original colonists
b) Marriage rights
c) Punishment for riots
d) The federal government

Who was the future president who was inspired by Shay's Rebellion to get back into politics?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Ulysses S Grant
c) Franklin D Roosevelt
d) George Washington

Was Shay's Rebellion successful?
a) No
b) Yes
c) I don't know
d) Who is shay?

Which of the following was not a problem with the articles of federation?
a) Loose authority
b) Lack of a single national leader
c) Limits on food intake being put on colonists
d) No tax base

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