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Which shows the correct hierarchy of cells?
a) cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism
b) tissue, cell, organelle, organ, organism
c) organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cell
d) cell, organism, organ, organ system, tissue

Which organelle is correctly paired with its function?
a) nucleus--performs photosynthesis
b) vacuole--packages proteins
c) ribosome--synthesizes proteins
d) mitochondria--transport

Which organelles are in a plant cell, but not an animal cell?
a) cell wall and mitochondria
b) cell wall and chloroplasts
c) cell wall and vacuole
d) cell wall and ribosomes

What would most likely happen if the ribosomes in a cell stopped functioning?
a) The synthesis of enzymes would stop.
b) The cell would produce antibodies.
c) The cell would undergo uncontrolled mitotic cell division.
d) The rate of transport of glucose in the cytoplasm would increase.

Many scientists consider viruses nonliving. Evidence supporting this consideration includes the fact that viruses
a) are multinucleated cells
b) cannot be reproduced in a sterile culture medium
c) lack basic cellular organelles
d) always function independently of living oragnisms

The development of the cell theory was most directly related to
a) improvement of the microscope and microscopic techniques
b) use of a five kingdom classification system
c) development of a gene chromosome theory
d) discovery of bacteria and viruses

Guard cells guard what?
a) Prisoners
b) Stomates
c) Golgi bodies
d) Mitochondria

Which structures carry out life functions within cells?
a) organs
b) tissues
c) organ systems
d) organelles

The function of a cell depends primarily on its
a) life span
b) color
c) structure
d) movement

Which statements below are associated with the cell theory? (a) Cells are the basic unit of structure.(b) Cells are the basic unit of function.(c)Cells come from preexisting cells.
a) A and B only
b) A and C only
c) B and C only
d) A, B, and C

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