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Who was the conquistador of the Incas?
a) Hernan Cortes
b) James Oglethorpe
c) Francisco Pizarro
d) Atahualpa

Who was the conquistador of the Aztecs?
a) Hernan Cortes
b) Miguel Hidalgo
c) Francisco Pizarro
d) Montezuma II

Which of the following was NOT a reason that natives were defeated by Europeans?
a) Natives did not have immunities to diseases
b) Europeans had more advanced weapons
c) There were more Europeans than natives
d) Europeans were smarter than the natives

Which of the following was NOT a major affect of the Columbian Exchange?
a) Decline of the indigenous population
b) Agriculture change
c) Introduction of the horse
d) Slaves from Africa came to the Americas

Which of the following is the primary reason that Africans were chosen to work as slaves?
a) They were stronger than the natives.
b) They were smarter than natives.
c) They had more immunity to diseases than natives.
d) They knew more about farming than the natives.

Who freed 6 countries in South America including Gran Colombia?
a) Simon Bolivar
b) Toussaint L'Ouverture
c) Miguel Hidalgo
d) Fulgencio Batista

Which of the following people was a Catholic priest in Mexico?
a) Simon Bolivar
b) Fulgencio Batista
c) Fidel Castro
d) Miguel Hidalgo

Who was a former slave that fought against the French to free St. Domingue (Haiti)?
a) Francisco Pizarro
b) Simon Bolivar
c) Toussaint L'Ouverture
d) Miguel Hidalgo

Who led the Cuban Revolution to overthrow Fulgencio Batista in 1959?
a) Simon Bolivar
b) Fidel Castro
c) Miguel Hidalgo
d) Raul Castro

Which of the following is the name of the group of Native Americans and farmers that protested the Mexican government in Chiapas, Mexico?
a) Freedom Fighters
b) Banditos
c) Zapatistas
d) Cubans

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