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The local court in most cities
a) municipal court
b) juvenlie court
c) traffic court
d) criminal court

Which court handles criminal cases
a) justice court
b) divorce court
c) small claims court
d) traffic court

A misdemeanour is ...
a) a small crime for which the sentence is a fine or up to one year in jail
b) not counted on your record
c) the same as a felony charge
d) a small crime for which the sentence is a fine our up to 5 years in jail

Which is the correct term for a yearing before a judge where the accused hears the charge against him
a) arraignment
b) bail hearing
c) an obligation
d) fine

Money paid to get out of jail is...
a) bail
b) fine
c) pay off
d) not possible

Jury duty is an ....
a) obligation
b) thing to get out of
c) arrainment hearing
d) attempt to get someone out of jail

If a husband and wife no longer get along they may go to ____________
a) divorce court
b) traffic court
c) criminal court
d) small claims court

Small claims court only deals with claims that are
a) $5,000 or less
b) $500 or less
c) $50,000 or less
d) $50.oo or less

If you get a ticket for speeding, you need to go to____________
a) traffic court
b) the supreme court
c) juvenile court
d) probate court

If you want to collect an inheritance, you need to go to ____________
a) probate court
b) small claims court
c) justice court
d) municipal court

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