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In which of the following types of government does a small group make all political decisions for its citizens?
a) autocracy
b) oligarchy
c) democracy
d) unitary

All citizens can vote in which of the following governments?
a) federal
b) confederate
c) autocracy
d) oligarchy

People own land, factories, and businesses in which of the following economic systems?
a) command
b) traditional
c) democracy
d) market

In which of the following economic systems does one central authority (national government) decide what is produced?
a) market
b) command
c) traditional
d) mixed market

Which of the following is a tax on foreign goods?
a) import
b) trade embargo
c) quota
d) tariff

The USA refuses to trade with Cuba. The USA has a ______________ with Cuba.
a) quota
b) trade embargo
c) tariff
d) subsidy

Factories and technology are examples of:
a) human capital
b) physical capital called capital resources
c) opportunity cost
d) gross domestic product

Which of the following is not true about NAFTA?
a) It was a trade agreement.
b) It was signed by Mexico, Canada, and the United States.
c) It imposed trade barriers.
d) It lowered trade barriers.

The capital of the Aztec empire was:
a) Tenochtitlan
b) Cuzco
c) Machu Picchu
d) Spain

Which ancient civilization had stone terraces, a polytheistic religion, and irrigation?
a) Incas
b) Aztecs
c) Mayans
d) Toltec

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