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In a controlled experiment, how many variables are changed at a time?
a) none
b) one
c) at least two
d) as many as possible

The positively charged subatomic particles in atoms are
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) electrons
d) ions

A bond formed by the transfer of electrons is
a) covalent bond
b) compond
c) ionic bond
d) solution

Which is an example of a carbohydrate?
a) lipid
b) sugars or starches
c) DNA or RNA
d) a fat or an oil

The group of macromolecules that stores and transmits genetic information is
a) lipids
b) proteins
c) carbohydrates
d) nucleic acids

Which of the following is NOT true about water?
a) hydrogen bonds form between water molecules
b) oxygen has a partial negative charge
c) it is polar
d) hydrogen attracts the shared electrons more than oxygen

A higher pH means
a) a higher concentration of H+ ions
b) a higher concentration of OH- ions
c) a more acidic solution
d) more easily dissolved in water

Compounds that are organic
a) always contain carbon
b) always contain oxygen
c) are always attracted to water
d) are not present in living things

Proteins are polymers made of
a) monosaccharides
b) nucleotides
c) amino acids
d) lipids

Which is a well-tested explanation that unites and explains lots of different scientists' observations and hypotheses?
a) theory
b) hypothesis
c) inference
d) variable

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