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The dark ages of Greece were a period during which...
a) Trade increased
b) Culture declined and people forgot how to read and write
c) Greek culture spread into areas of the Mediterranean
d) Wealth increased

Which of the following statements best describes public life in Athens?
a) It involved visiting the temple every morning
b) It allowed men and women to be active in politics and society
c) It did not include boys, women, or slaves
d) It allowed young boys to be involved

Which of the following best describes early Greek philosophers?
a) They performed some of the earliest scientific experiments
b) They studies ways to improve Greek ships and warfare
c) They observed natural events and tried to explain them with reason
d) They thought that Greek gods weren't important

The Parthenon is a Temple built to honor the Greek goddess _____ and is located in the ancient Greek city-state of________
a) Athena, Athens
b) Hades, Delphi
c) Posiden, Athens
d) Hera, Sparta

Spartans finally conquered Athens after...
a) The Spartans formed the Delian League
b) The Spartans won the battle of Delos
c) Pericles led the Spartans in Battle
d) The Spartans became allies with the Persians

Which of the following describes Minoan and Mycenaean Civilizations
a) Both were strong and shared much culture
b) Both relied on trade to expand their power
c) Both used writing
d) Both relied on conquests to expand their power

In general Greeks worshiped...
a) Only one god
b) Male gods only
c) Gods by giving money to the church
d) Several gods and tried to avoid angering them

The name given to "rule by a few"
a) Tyrant
b) Oligarchy
c) Monarchy
d) Democracy

Each citizen gets to vote on all the issues
a) Representative Democracy
b) Direct Democracy
c) Oligarchy
d) Tyrant

The proper order of government types in ancient Greece is...
a) Kingdoms, tyrants, aristocratic rule
b) Tyrants, aristocratic rule, democracy
c) Tyrants, kingdoms,democracy
d) Aristocratic rule, tyrants, democracy

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