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How did Greece's physical geography influence its early civilizations?
a) It forced people to adapt to harsh weather conditions
b) It encouraged people to be sailors and traders yet keeping cities separate
c) It prevented wars because people were concentrated in one area
d) It encouraged the use of rich farmland and contact between cities

Which of the following describes the helots of Sparta?
a) They led a movement to change the government
b) There were in charge of boy's military training
c) They fought most of the wars
d) They did the farm work and other labor intense jobs

Spartans might be described as...
a) Very fond of business and trading
b) Tough, silent and grim
c) Lighthearted and fun-loving
d) Artistic

Which of the following explains why Greek civilization collapsed during the Dark Ages
a) It formed a national government
b) It was destroyed by eruption of volcanoes
c) It was invaded by Egypt
d) The art of reading and writing was lost

Which of the following describes Spartan women
a) They were treated harshly, almost like slaves
b) They got advice from men but didn't have to obey them
c) They were trained to build up their bodies and were allowed to own land
d) They fought as soldiers alongside men

Which of the following statements would some historians agree
a) Greeks and Trojans fought and Troy was destroyed by fire
b) The Trojan War was a single battle as told in epic poems
c) Troy was locacted in modern-day Italy
d) The Trojan horse was used to defeat Troy

Men in Athens gathered in the Agora in the morning to
a) Meet their wives and get supplies
b) Discuss politics, philosophy or events
c) Make plans for the rest of the day
d) Tell their slaves what to do for the dad

Athens was very cultured and centered their culture around art and education, while Sparta centered their culture around...
a) Military strength
b) Art
c) Religion
d) Government

Oracles had a great impact on Greek history because...
a) They were sites chosen for sea ports and cities
b) The advice of priests and priestesses was taken very seriously by Greek leaders
c) They were the ones who made most of the laws
d) They were valuable sites and couldn't be used for cities

Pericles is remembered as...
a) A great Greek Philosopher
b) A great leader of Athens
c) A great Greek Poet
d) A powerful Greek God

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