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a) electric current generated by living tissue
b) electric current in two parts
c) writing about electricity
d) self moving

a) one who is a hundred years old
b) in order of time
c) toward the sun
d) one in the political center

a) fear of insects
b) hatred of insects
c) the study of insects
d) love of insects

a) self moving
b) naming people
c) rule by the highest social class
d) the study of ancient civilizations

act of having one marriage
a) misogamy
b) monogamy
c) polygamy
d) democracy

a written communication that is sent far away
a) monogram
b) graphology
c) telephone
d) telegram

to apply wrongly
a) misapply
b) reapply
c) monopoly
d) matrimony

gives birth to excitement
a) epidemic
b) nominate
c) generate
d) demography

one who loves music
a) philosopher
b) philanthropist
c) geophile
d) audiophile

rule by one
a) polygamy
b) monarchy
c) archeology
d) democracy

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