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a) government for the people
b) hatred of a culture or race
c) killing of a racial group
d) study of ancient civilization

a) love of mankind
b) love of wisdom
c) study of mankind
d) fear of man

a) a married person
b) an educated person
c) a foolish person
d) measuring time

a) fear of books
b) a study of the bible
c) the killing of a religious person
d) one who loves books

a) many people
b) something written about a man
c) hatred of marriage
d) ancient civilization

a) having more than two names
b) many times
c) having more than two marriages
d) many sides

a) government by the people
b) naming people
c) a person who studies people
d) the science of recording people

a) fear of measuring
b) fear of heat
c) fear of words
d) the science of heat

a) a hidden book
b) a secret name
c) the science of names
d) writing about ancient places

a) a group of people
b) measuring heat
c) military troops
d) plants that turn to the sun

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