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The apparent change in form an object undergoes in perspective such as a circle appearing as an oval or a square as a diamond is called
a) Forshadowing
b) Size change
c) Distortion
d) Forshortening

A type of visual balance in which one side of the composition appears different from the other side but is still balanced is caleld
a) Symmetrical balance
b) Unequal balance
c) Asymmetrical balance
d) Equal balance

A design in which both sides of a composition are identical is called
a) Symmetrical balance
b) Rhythm
c) Unity
d) Assymetrical balance

The three colors from which all other colors are created
a) Secondary colors
b) Primary colors
c) Tertiary colors
d) Analogous colors

When two primary colors are mixed, they create a
a) Secondary color
b) two-toned color
c) Monochromatic color
d) Tertiary color

The colors on a color wheel that are between the primary and secondary colors are
a) three-toned colors
b) Monochromatic
c) Tertiary colors
d) Analogous

Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel are called
a) Primary
b) Secondary
c) Monochromatic
d) Analogous

A color scheme that uses only one color and tints and shades of that color are called
a) Color theme
b) Monochromatic
c) Analogous colors
d) Value colors

Any two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are called
a) Opposing colors
b) Contradictary colors
c) Complimentary colors
d) Secondary colors

Adding white to a color to lighten its value is called the colors
a) Tint
b) Value
c) Shade
d) Hue

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