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When should management notify both successful and unsuccessful candidates of selection decisions?
a) within the week.
b) as soon as possible.
c) within the month
d) when the manager has time.

One potential interviewing problem that can threaten the success of employment interviews are
a) Permitting Non-Job-Related Information
b) mutual flow of information
c) properly trained individuals
d) job related questions

Methods of Interviewing include all of the following except
a) One-on-One Interview
b) Informal Interview
c) Group Interview
d) Multiple Interviews

Estimates are that between _________ percent of companies conduct background investigations today.
a) 92-95
b) 65 and 70
c) 50-60
d) 85 and 90

A goal-directed summary of a person’s experience, education, and training developed for use in the selection process.
a) application
b) survey
c) biography
d) résumé

Types of Employment Tests include
a) Job-Knowledge Tests
b) Work-Sample Tests
c) Cognitive Aptitude Tests
d) All of the above

Characteristics of properly designed selection tests are as followed
a) standardization, objectivity, based on sound norms, reliability and validity.
b) standardization, objectivity, based on sound norms, deceptiveness and liability.
c) standardization, objectivity, based on sound norms, deceptiveness and validity.
d) standardization, relativity, based on sound norms, reliability and validity.

The basic purpose of the preliminary screening is
a) bring as many prospects for the job as possible.
b) to eliminate those who obviously do not meet the position’s requirements.
c) to judge all candidates based on image.
d) to offer the job to the fist person who applies for the job.

Properly matching people with jobs and the organization is the goal of the __________ process.
a) Hiring
b) Downsizing
c) Selection
d) Recruiting

The selection process includes all of the following processes except...
a) pre-employment screening
b) employment interviews
c) complete an application for employment or provide a résumé
d) talking your way in to the job

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