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Lines that vary greatly in weight, character, or qualities area called
a) Actual lines
b) Implied lines
c) Contour lines
d) Perpendicular lines

Lines created by positioning a series of points or liens so that the eye tends to automatically connect them are called
a) Gesture lines
b) Horizontal lines
c) Implied lines
d) Actual lines

A line that occurs as our eyes follow the direction a figure or object is looking or pointing is called
a) Psychic line
b) Tonal line
c) Actual line
d) Vertical line

Lines used to follow the edges of forms to describe their outlines are called
a) Implied lines
b) Border lines
c) Black lines
d) Contour lines

Lines that don't follow the edge but instead describe the movement of an object are called
a) Moving lines
b) Figure lines
c) Gesture lines
d) Implied lines

The blockage of light by a form which projects a darkened image of the form behind the object is called
a) Darkness
b) Cast shadow
c) Outline
d) Opaque

When two or more objects overlap and both are seen completely
a) Opaque
b) Translucent
c) Clear
d) Transparency

For a composition to have a feeling of oneness or wholeness is called
a) Unity
b) Rhythm
c) Conformity
d) Emphasis

A principle of design that indicates a type of movement in an artwork is called
a) Balance
b) Unity
c) Contrast
d) Rhythm

To place greater interest on a certain area or objects in a composition is called
a) Rhythm
b) Emphasis
c) Overlapping
d) Contrast

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