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The line that seperates the sky from the ground and is also at eye level is called
a) Vanishing point
b) Available points
c) Horizon line
d) Vertical line

Where parallel lines meet, usually on the horizon line
a) Vanishing point
b) Perpendicular
c) Vertical lines
d) Horizontal lines

Where two lines meet to form a point, the corners of objects, or the ends of line segments are called
a) Horizon
b) Available points
c) Vertical lines
d) Vanishing points

Two lines that meet to form a 90 degree angle are called
a) Vertical
b) Converging
c) Diagonal
d) Perpendicular

An object that is two dimensional is called
a) Form
b) Value
c) Shape
d) Tone

An object that is three-dimensional is called
a) Shading
b) Contour line
c) Value
d) Form

A method of drawing used to create the illusion of a form by showing its mass is called
a) Shading
b) Sketching
c) Form
d) Value

The difference between how light or dark something is is called
a) Shade
b) Contrast
c) Size
d) Tone

A complex spatial system based on a relaively simple visual phenomenon is called
a) Vanishing points
b) Space
c) Converging lines
d) Linear perspective

The overall color of a surface is called
a) Shape
b) Tone
c) Value
d) Form

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