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Technology is the knowledge, processes, and products that
a) make things cheaper
b) make things more fun
c) solve problems
d) create problems

What problems can a GPS system solve?
a) A house is on fire.
b) A person driving is lost.
c) Too many people on a bus.
d) A person getting in an accident

Once you have chosen a solution in the design process, what step do you do next?
a) Create a prototype
b) Do research
c) Test your solution
d) Identify the problem

What is the first step in the design process?
a) Test the prototype
b) Identify the problem
c) Do research
d) Develop possible solutions

In what step of the design process do you read other people's experiments?
a) Identify the problem
b) Test that prototype
c) Communicating the results
d) Do research

What do you consider when choosing a solution?
a) how big it is
b) where to design it at
c) time, costs, and if it solves the problem
d) how might it will fly

What is a prototype?
a) The first fully working product that uses your design solution.
b) A smaller or simpler version of the product.
c) A set of steps for developing a product.
d) The knowledge, processes, and products that solve problems and make work easier.

Why were magnetic levitation trains created?
a) To save money.
b) To more more people at once.
c) To look nicer.
d) To move people faster.

What example of technology has NOT improved transportation systems?
a) magnetic levitation train
b) wagon
c) GPS system
d) airplane

What is NOT a step in the design process?
a) Identify the problem
b) Create a prototype
c) Do research
d) Raise money for products

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