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What is an observation?
a) a) Using your senses to gather information.
b) d) Only seeing
c) c) An explanation
d) b) Only smelling

What kinds of observations are there?
a) a) Inferences
b) d) Only Qualitative
c) c) Qualitative and Quantitative
d) b) Only Quantitative

What are Qualitative Observations?
a) a) Counting
b) d) Describing things like color, smell, taste or feel
c) c) Measuring length
d) b) How much time pases

What are Quantitative Observations?
a) a) Describing things like color
b) d) Measuring things like length, amounts, time
c) c) How something tastes
d) b) Describing taste

Which of these is an Observation?
a) a) She seems tired
b) d) The boy is happy
c) c) The test had 25 questions
d) b) The test was so hard!

Which statement is an Inference?
a) a) The dog had 3 legs!
b) d) The boy is wearing a red shirt.
c) c) The girl is smiling.
d) b) The girl is smiling so she must be happy.

You look out of your window and see two men carrying a TV set away from your neighbor\'s house. Which is an inference based on this observation?
a) a) The owner bought a new set and is trading this one in.
b) d) You don\'t like their TV set anyway.
c) c) The TV set is black.
d) b) The television is smaller than yours.

Which of the following is an inference about a coin?
a) a) The coin is the color of copper.
b) d) This coin has the date 1994 marked on it.
c) c) The coin has a green substance on one side.
d) b) Perhaps the coin sat in water and became corroded.

Which of the following is NOT an observation?
a) a) The apple is light green in color.
b) d) The apple weighs about 38 grams.
c) c) The apple tastes sour.
d) b) Apples are the best fruit.

Which statement about a burning candle is most likely an inference?
a) a) Carbon dioxide and water vapor are produced by the burning.
b) d) The flame is yellow.
c) c) The candle wax is melting.
d) b) The wick gets shorter as the candle burns.

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