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The sequences and direction of swedish massage strokes are most adapted to which anatomical or physiological situation
a) muscle attachments
b) subcutaneous adipose tissue
c) autonomic nervous system
d) lymph drainage and venous reture

Which best describe the effect of massage therapy
a) increased venous lymph flow
b) increased venous, decreased arterial flow
c) decreased venous and lymph flow
d) decreased venous increased lymph flow

In first aid for a choking victim, you want the victim to
a) cough
b) swallow
c) vomit
d) inhale

the massage therapist needs to wear gloves if
a) there is no time to wash hands
b) a client is embarrassed
c) a client is infected with a contagious, transmittable disease
d) his or her nails are too long

Lymph massage procedure begin at the
a) tendon
b) left thoracic lymph duct
c) right thoracic lymph duct
d) immune system

A form of touch therapy in which the energy of the recipient is rebalanced, promoting health and healing is called
a) Reflexology
b) acupressure
c) therapeutic touch
d) Lympathic Drainage

A pregnant client should have pillows under her back when she is lying
a) on her side
b) supine
c) prone
d) upside down

Cold applied for therapeutic purposes is called
a) cryptology
b) cryotherapy
c) thermo-therapy
d) icing cubing

Cross fiber friction massage must be applied in which direction to the fibers
a) horizontal
b) at right angles
c) triangular
d) longitudinally

a pre event sports massage is basically a swedish massage with the movements performed
a) precisely
b) using heat
c) slower
d) faster

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