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Review Of The Periodic Law And The Periodic Table. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which of the following scientists helped invent the periodic table?
a) Einstein
b) Darwin
c) Mendeleev
d) Curie

Mendeleev put his periodic table together by using an element's:
a) Atomic number
b) Number of electrons
c) Atomic mass
d) Physical properties only

What element did Mendeleev predict the properties of even before it was discovered?
a) Uranium
b) Aluminum
c) Zinc
d) Gallium

In Modern Periodic law elements are arranged by:
a) Increasing atomic number
b) Increasing atomic mass
c) Valence electrons
d) Grade Point Average

Each row of the periodic table is called a(n)
a) Group
b) Family
c) Period
d) Row

Each column of the periodic table is called a(n):
a) Group
b) Period
c) Column
d) Team

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a metal?
a) It can be pulled into thin wires
b) It can conduct electricity
c) It can conduct heat
d) It is brittle and breaks easily

Which of the following best describes a metalloid?
a) It has all the characteristics of a metal
b) It has some of the characteristics of a metal and some characteristics of a non-metal
c) It is a fan of Metallica
d) It is found on the far right of the periodic table

Which of the following best describes a non-metal?
a) They conduct heat and electricity well
b) They are used to make alloys
c) They do not conduct heat or electricity well
d) They are all solids

Which of the following best describes the variation across a period?
a) Elements show little variation across a period
b) Elements have the same number of valence electrons across a period
c) Elements become more reactive as you go left to right across the table
d) Elements become more reactive and more non-metallic as you go left to right across the periodic table

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