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Which of these would not be used by a scientist to determine the evolutionary relationship between two species
a) bone structure
b) fossils
c) dna
d) population size

Which of these is least likely to show common ancestry
a) homologous structures
b) vestigal structures
c) dna
d) analogous structures

Why are many people less concerned about global warming?
a) They do not care about the environment
b) Earth has gone through common trends of heating and cooling throughout its history
c) They are fine with paying higher prices for gas at the pump
d) They do not like Al Gore

What 2006 documentary film produced by former Vice President Al Gore alarmed people of global warming
a) Expelled
b) An Inconvenient Truth
c) Fahrenheit 911
d) The Y2k millennium bug

What 2008 documentary accused public universities of unjustly firing scientists who believe in intelligent design?
a) Expelled
b) An Inconvenient Truth
c) Fahrenheit 911
d) The Y2K millennium bug

The belief that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old rests upon which theory
a) cell theory
b) natural selection
c) uniformationism
d) intelligent design

What evidence supports the hypothesis that dolphins and whales evolved from a common ancestor?
a) they swim the same way
b) they eat the same food
c) they live in the same area of the ocean
d) they have similar anatomies

Which process most often occurs at the mid-ocean ridge?
a) destruction of underwater mountains
b) creation of new continents
c) subduction of geologic plates
d) spreading of sea floor

What is it that causes the vast difference of tigers and household cats in spite of both coming from the feline family?
a) biochemical makeup
b) behavioral makeup
c) genetics
d) habitat size

While teaching the theories of evolution and global warming, Mr. Harvey said clearly
a) that he believes in evolution and global warming and that his students must also or they will fail
b) it's his job to teach theories, but that doesn't mean he fully agrees if at all with the theories
c) evolution is false and should never ever be mentioned but rather banned from the classroom
d) that he believes in intelligent design and that his students must also or they will fail

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