Unit Test 2 Review Part 3 Question Preview (ID: 10758)

Unit Test 2 Review Part 3.

Which is an example of a renewable energy resource?
a) biomass
b) coal
c) gas
d) oil

How do scientists know when a mass extinction took place
a) They find more fossils of plants
b) They find fossils of animals that died suddenly
c) They find a sudden disappearance of many fossil species
d) They find evidence of changes in Earth's Atmosphere

Which of the following would a scientist most likely use to find the absolute age of a rock
a) radioactive dating
b) the law of superposition
c) the geologic time scale
d) ice cores

What is the most likely result if two populations of the same species are separated for a long period of time?
a) neither population will change
b) both populations will change in the same ways
c) the populations will change in different ways
d) both populations will become extinct

The theory of natural selection tells us that
a) change is a horrible thing because it destroys species
b) animals with advantages in their environment will be more likely to become extinct
c) organisms with advantages will survive and reproduce at a faster rate than other organisms
d) organisms with advantages are not among the most dominant creatures on earth

Which would best allow a species to survive environmental changes?
a) similar physical features
b) low mutation rate
c) small population
d) genetic diversity

Where does sea-floor spreading occur
a) Where two oceanic plates collide
b) where an oceanic plate and a continental plate collide
c) where two oceanic plates move apart
d) where two continental plates move apart

The earliest part of Earth's history is called the
a) Cenozoic
b) Cambrian
c) Holocene
d) Precambrian

What process is most responsible for the extinction of most species of plants and animals that have lived on Earth?
a) gene mutations
b) environmental changes
c) selective breeding
d) decrease in reproduction

Which group of animals appeared on earth most recently?
a) reptiles
b) amphibians
c) mammals
d) fish

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