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What is a disadvantage of using nuclear power?
a) it produces too much excess heat and results in global warming
b) nuclear power produces radioactive wastes that are difficult to eliminate
c) Nuclear power is not an efficient means of producing electricity
d) nuclear power plants take up too much for too little electricity

What is an advantage of energy conservation efforts?
a) conservation will allow energy to be produced more cheaply
b) conservation will help scientists to find more uses for non-renewable resources
c) conservation will give scientists more time to find renewable alternatives to produce electricity
d) conservation will provide all people on Earth access to electricity

How are index fossils useful?
a) They help reveal the relative age of other fossils
b) They can be used to provide bone transplant for severed index fingers
c) They are always the oldest fossils found
d) They are always the youngest fossils found

Differences in the bone arrangements of two distinct organisms supports the hypothesis that the organisms
a) are members of the same species
b) live in the same environment
c) have adapted to live in different environments
d) all contain the same genetic information

Darwin discovered few birds on the Galapagos that had similar beaks because these birds
a) were competing for the same type of food
b) competing for the same intake of oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere
c) the presence of an excessive number of autotrophs
d) the presence of a disease that attacks birds with similar beaks

What could be concluded from the discovery of dinosaur fossils layers below mammal fossilsin an undisturbed rock layer?
a) dinosaurs ate plants
b) dinosaurs were eaten by the mammals
c) dinosaurs lived on Earth before the mammals
d) dinosaurs and mammals lived at the same time

The use of geothermal energy is limited because
a) it can only be used in areas that have volcanic activity, and these areas are limited
b) it can only be used in areas that receive a great deal of sunlight, and these areas are limited
c) it destroys habitats so it can not be used in areas where there is a lot of wildlife
d) it pollutes the water so it cannot be used in areas where people live.

Which would least likely have an impact on global climate change?
a) producing energy using hydroelectric plants
b) producing energy using coal
c) producing energy using oil
d) producing energy using natural gas.

Which of the following is the most reliable prediction about the future of some nonrenewable energy resources?
a) enough new coal and oil will form to meet our needs in the near future
b) In the near future, people will no longer need to conserve fossil fuels
c) Fossil fuel supplies will decrease, and the cost of fossil fuels will increase
d) coal will be in short supply, but oil will still be widely available for our use

Many solar energy systems require batteries because
a) solar energy produces small amounts of electricity
b) the batteries store energy for use when there is no sunlight
c) the batteries reflect sunlight onto fluid-filled pipes
d) energy can not be used directly from a solar cell

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