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What would a scientist conclude from discovering fossils of the same rare prehistoric organism on two different continents?
a) The animals swam from one continent to another
b) The two continents were once connected by a land bridge
c) The animals developed on the two continents at the same time.
d) The two continents were once joined as part of a larger continent

How do scientists know that some mountains were once at the bottom of an ocean?
a) Freshwater rivers flow to the ocean.
b) saltwater fish are found in some mountain streams
c) dinosaur bones have been discovered in the mountains
d) marine fossils have been found on the peaks of some mountains

What would a scientist conclude from discovering fossils of warm-weather plants in a cold climate
a) spores of plants drifted by air currents to the island
b) ocean currents carried the plants to the island
c) The island drifted from a tropical region to its present location
d) Seeds of plants have been carried to the island by migratory birds

Which theory best explains how an asteroid impact resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs
a) Heat from the asteroid caused massive fires that reduced the food supply
b) The collision caused dense clouds to form, and resulted in a global drop in temperature
c) Land masses were altered by the collision reducing the dinosaurs' space to roam for food
d) Glaciers melted rapidly and caused a worldwide flood that destroyed dinosaurs' habitats

Which would indicate that a series of fossils represent the evolution of the horse?
a) all of the fossils were found in the same layers of rocks as horse fossils.
b) all of the fossils are completely identical to horse bones
c) all of the fossils show similar structures to that of the modern horse
d) all of the fossils were located in the same place on Earth as horses

What do earthquakes tell scientists about the history of the planet?
a) Earth's climate is constantly changing
b) the continents of Earth are continually moving
c) dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago
d) The oceans are much deeper today than millions of years ago

Which best describes how ice cores are important to the study of geologic history?
a) They show unconformities which signal changes in deposition
b) They hold index fossils which are used to date the different ice cores.
c) They contain evidence of change in the atmospheric composition over time.
d) They follow the law of superposition which gives reasons for the extinction of species.

Which statement best describes the law of superposition?
a) Each sedimentary layer of rock represents 1,000s of years of Earth's age, much like the rings of a tree
b) In undisturbed layers of sedimentary rock, the upper rock layers are older than the lower rock layers.
c) In undisturbed layers of sedimentary rock, the lowest layers contain the older rocks.
d) Rocks that form near volcanoes are older than surrounding rock.

Which best explains how geologic time scales can help scientists study the evolution of life on Earth?
a) They describe the existence of rocks before there was life on Earth
b) They show that geologic features have evolved at the same rate as organisms
c) They compare the life histories of species that have used rocks as habitats
d) They correlate the existence of life on earth with geologic events

How much of an isotope's 20 grams will be left after 24 years if the isotope's half-life is six years.
a) 10 grams
b) 5 grams
c) 2.5 grams
d) 1.25 grams

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