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Restricting the right of others to copy
a) Copyright
b) Trademark
c) Patent
d) Plagiarism

To be copyright protected, an idea must be
a) thought of
b) in a physical form
c) registered with U.S. Copyright office
d) registered with the U.S. Patent office

It is _________ to place a copyright notice on a creative work to make it legally protected
a) not necessary
b) necessary
c) cheap
d) expensive

A fee paid to the person who owns the copyright on a creative work when it is used by someone else
a) Tax
b) Royalty
c) Commission
d) Wage

Creative works whose copyright restrictions have expired or which are open source are found
a) in the Public Domain
b) in Creative Commons
c) on the Internet
d) on Google Images

A distinctive word, phrase, or image used to identify something as a product of a particular business or organization
a) Logo
b) Trademark
c) Copyright
d) Patent

Copying a product (often digital) for profit without authorization from the owner
a) File Sharing
b) Plagiarism
c) Piracy
d) Stealing

The right to reproduce a small part of a copyrighted work for educational or other not-for-profit purposes without having to obtain permission or pay a royalty fee
a) Fair Use
b) Public Domain
c) Creative Commons
d) Intellectual Property

Choices between right and wrong actions are referred to as
a) Values
b) Morals
c) Ethics
d) Conflict of interest

You cannot use a ___________ image without asking the owner for permission.
a) protected
b) copyrighted
c) trademark
d) public domain

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