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Detailed set of instructions that tell the computer exactly what to do.
a) Software
b) Hardware
c) Operating System
d) Web Browser

A terabyte is
a) 1,000 bytes
b) 1 million bytes
c) 1 trillion bytes
d) 1 billion bytes

Make the information resulting from processing available for use
a) Input
b) Output
c) Process
d) Storage

What is not an output device?
a) Monitor
b) Printer
c) Scanner
d) Speaker

What is not a storage device?
a) CD
b) Floppy Disk
c) Flash Drive
d) Monitor

Controls how the system runs and processes information
a) Operating System
b) Web Browser
c) Software
d) Hardware

When a computer is started, the operating system is loaded into the computer and stored in memory. This process is called
a) Booting
b) Loading
c) Sleeping
d) Logging On

Widely used graphical operating system
a) Safari
b) Internet Explorer
c) Firefox
d) Microsoft Windows

A collection of computers and other equipment using communication channels to share hardware, software, data, and information
a) Software
b) Network
c) Hardware
d) Operating System

A privately owned communications network and covers a limited geographic area, such as a school computer laboratory, an office, a building, or a group of buildings.
a) Peer to Peer
b) Server Based
c) Local Area Network (LAN)
d) Wide Area Network (WAN)

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