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Users that access a computer illegally are called
a) Criminals
b) Viruses
c) Hackers
d) Thieves

Companies and organizations employ security systems to protect the integrity of the system. These usually involve
a) Passwords
b) Data Encryption
c) Firewall
d) All Choices

A program or file that infects a system.
a) Worm
b) Virus
c) Trojan Horse
d) Timebomb

To protect against computer viruses, use
a) Firewall
b) Data Encryption
c) Virus Protection Program
d) Hand sanitizer

A program that enters usually through a network and then replicates itself.
a) Worm
b) Trojan Horse
c) Virus
d) Timebomb

Stays on the system until a specific date or event, then it is executed.
a) Worm
b) Trojan Horse
c) Timebomb
d) Virus

Uing ideas and words as your own when they are not your own.
a) Coyright infringement
b) Trademark violation
c) Piracy
d) Plagiarism

Internet etiquette.
a) Manners
b) Interetiquette
c) Netiquette
d) Politeness

Internet Explorer uses what type of icon to indicate a secure site:
a) Key
b) Blue E
c) Padlock
d) Compass

To protect against virus attacks, you should:
a) Scan all attachments via email
b) Do not execute program attachments on an email
c) Scan disks you receive from others
d) All choices

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