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.gov stands for
a) Governor
b) Government
c) Military
d) Company

A program that allows you to access the World Wide Web is a
a) Operating System
b) Software
c) Web Browser
d) Modem

Is a common way to send messages using the Internet
a) Instant Messaging
b) Text Message
c) Skype
d) E-mail

A standard way of identifying a resource on the Internet and how it is accessed is an
a) ORL
b) URL
c) Web Site
d) Firewall

.edu stands for
a) Educational sites
b) Exceptional sites
c) Encrypted sites
d) Public Education sites

.com stands for
a) Company sites
b) Commercial sites
c) Communication sites
d) Copyrighted sites

The ability to communicate electronically
a) Email
b) Instant Messaging
c) Telecommunications
d) Encryption

A way of scrambling sensitive information before it is sent over a public system.
a) Encrypting
b) Decrypting
c) Scrambling
d) Jumbling

Transmitting light and images through transparent fibers.
a) Modem
b) Encrypting
c) Decrypting
d) Fiber Optics

Device which converts data to a format that can be transmitted.
a) Firewall
b) Fax
c) Modem
d) Internet Service Provider

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