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The children who most need physical care and comforting are...
a) Infants
b) Toddlers
c) Preschoolers
d) School-age children

The periods when children in the early classroom change from one activity to another are called...
a) Activity plans
b) Circle times
c) Modules
d) Transitions

When Alexis said to little Johnathan, "you did a great job cleaning up, now no one will trip over the toys" is demonstrating what type of speaking?
a) setting rules
b) punishing misbehavior
c) using positive reinforcement
d) Making objective observations

Activity plans should include all of the following information EXCEPT...
a) The purpose of the activity
b) the names of the children involved
c) the materials needed
d) the procedure to follow

All of the following are important rules to follow when caring for infants EXCEPT...
a) support the head and neck of very young infant
b) never leave a baby alone on a raised surface
c) feed a baby a whole jar of baby food
d) never shake a baby, even slightly

A source of water should be available in or near the...
a) Music center
b) art cente
c) block center
d) dramatic play center

Having child-size furniture and equipment in the early childhood classroom encourages...
a) independence
b) creativity
c) ease of cleanup by teachers
d) low cost

Symptoms: Runny nose, sneezing, coughing,
a) common cold
b) measles
c) chicken pox
d) flu

Symptoms: headache, fever, sore throat, fine red rash, swollen lymph nodes
a) scarlet fever
b) ear infection
c) flu
d) measles

Symptoms: high fever, pulling at ears
a) Flu
b) Scarlet fever
c) common cold
d) ear infection

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