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Which of the following is an appropriate use of a watermark?
a) Flier
b) Brochure
c) Newsletter
d) All of the other answers

What do sizing handles on an image indicate?
a) The image can be moved.
b) The image can be resized.
c) The image is selected.
d) All of the other answers

Which of the following is NOT true about graphics found on the Web?
a) They can be saved to a local drive.
b) Some can be downloaded free.
c) The image can be saved as a JPEG.
d) They can be used any way you see fit.

Which mouse shape is used when resizing any object in Word?
a) Arrow
b) Thin black plus
c) Double arrow
d) Four-headed arrow

What type of mouse pointer is used to move an image?
a) Up arrow
b) Double arrow
c) Four-headed arrow
d) Hand

Which of the following is a gallery of clips organized on your hard drive?
a) Clip Art task pane
b) Clip organizer
c) Image organizer
d) Office collection

Which of the following is true concerning watermarks in Word?
a) You cannot change the text wrapping of a watermark
b) You cannot place a watermark in the header of a document
c) You can use the drawing toolbar to create a watermark.
d) You can use the picture toolbar to create a watermark.

Which of the following is true about clip art in a Word document?
a) You can change the location of the clip art in the document.
b) You can resize clip art
c) You can change the alignment of clip art
d) All of the other answers

Which of the following is a “washed-out” graphic object or text that typically appears behind the text?
a) Clip art
b) Drawing
c) Word art
d) Watermark

Which of the following is NOT an option when selecting an image’s alignment?
a) Left
b) Center
c) Tight
d) Other

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