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The time and place of a story
a) Mood
b) Setting
c) Conflict
d) Tone

Conflict within a character
a) Man vs. Man
b) External
c) Internal
d) Man vs. Society

Hints or cluse to suggest events that will occur later
a) Foreshadowing
b) Plot
c) Flashback
d) Point of View

Feeling or atmosphere that a writer creates for readers
a) Tone
b) Plot
c) Conflict
d) Mood

Character that remains the same through a story
a) Static
b) Minor
c) Main
d) Flat

What is Conflict?
a) Attitude a writer takes towards a subject
b) A struggle between opposing forces
c) How a writer creates and develops character\'s personalities
d) A sequence of events

The narrator is a character in the story
a) Third-Person Limited
b) Second Person
c) Third-Person Omniscient
d) First Person

A round character is..
a) The most important; the main focus of the story
b) One that undergoes important changes as a plot unfolds
c) Complex and highly developed
d) One that remains the same through a story

a) Where the conflict develops
b) The maximum interest or tension; turning point
c) Attitude a writer takes toward a subject
d) First stage of a typical story plot

The point of maximum interest or tension
a) Climax
b) Tone
c) Flashback
d) Character

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