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What are tangerines?
a) small, roundish fruits in shades of green, red, or purple
b) small citrus fruits with a deep orange color
c) round, red fruits with red flesh and many seeds
d) large, round to pear-shaped fruits with yellow, fuzzy skin

Which fruit comes from several varieties of cactus?
a) lychee
b) ugli fruit
c) prickly pear
d) pear

Which is not a suggested way to cook fruits?
a) baking
b) microwaving
c) boiling
d) grilling

Most fruits are picked when they are mature but still _____________
a) Trifle
b) Under ripe
c) Savory
d) Fritter

Fruit should be ___________________ for its size.
a) Heavy
b) Savory
c) Fritter
d) Under ripe

A(n) ________________ is a refrigerated dessert with layers that may include cake, jam or jelly, fruit, custard, and whipped cream.
a) Fritter
b) Trifle
c) Cupcake
d) Sandwich

A(n) __________________ is cut-up fruit dipped in batter and fried.
a) French fry
b) Trifle
c) Savory
d) Fritter

____________________means flavorful but not sweet.
a) Savory
b) Orange
c) Under ripe
d) Seasoned

Which fruit is oval with yellow skin when ripe and has small, black, edible seeds?
a) peach
b) nectarine
c) orange
d) papaya

Which is a suggested way to cook fruit?
a) microwaving
b) grilling
c) broiling
d) all of the above

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