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What will probably happen to a business if it continuously fails to deliver on its brand promise?
a) Lose credibility
b) Decrease liability
c) Increase market share
d) Improve sales volume

Which of the following is a policy that the WNJ company might implement to reinforce its image as an efficient and responsive business?
a) Requiring employees to respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours
b) Allowing employees to establish their own service standards
c) Ensuring that employees wear clean uniforms during their shifts
d) Requesting that employees sign their timecards at the end of a pay period

What is an example of an employee reinforcing a firm's image through his/her job performance?
a) A customer waits on the telephone for several minutes while Matt confirms shipping information
b) Angela, a human resources manager, prepares the firm\'s employee newsletter every month
c) Jack politely asks if his customer would like a beverage while s/he waits for car service
d) Susan advises her customer that the sofa is only available by special order

John communicates through all advertisements that his employees go through extensive training. What is John doing?
a) Making a brand promise
b) Establishing product position
c) Stating industry policies
d) Developing a campaign platform

When a business publicly pledges to provide all of its customers with quick, courteous service, what is it doing?
a) Making a brand promise
b) Establishing product position
c) Stating industry policies
d) Developing a campaign platform

What is the center of all marketing activities?
a) Math
b) Communication
c) Purchasing
d) Technological know-how

What is the overall reason that marketing strategies are designed and implemented?
a) Improving management techniques
b) Increasing business profits immediately
c) Changing the image of the business
d) Achieving planned goals

What type of marketing data can a business obtain by reviewing its inventory reports and customers\' invoices?
a) Product quality
b) actual market share
c) customers' product preferences
d) customers' credit limits

What is one way that businesses use marketing information?
a) To develop new products
b) To prepare sales invoices
c) To change economic trends
d) To determine credit scores

What marketing career involves determining why customers do what they do?
a) Advertising
b) Marketing Research
c) Sales
d) Distribution/Warehousing

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