Word Project 8 Question Preview (ID: 1072)

Inserting And Formatting Graphics. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The _______________ menu is used to place a clip art image in a document.
a) Insert
b) Edit

When using the sizing handles to resize an image, you should hold down the _______________ key to maintain the image’s proportions.
a) Shift
b) Ctrl

_______________ refers to a color that appears in the background of a text box.
a) Border
b) Fill

Which wrapping style option places an image between paragraphs without text wrapping on either the left or right sides?
a) Square
b) Tight
c) Top and Bottom
d) Between paragraphs

Which of the following is the feature in Word that allows you to shape text into designs?
a) Clip art
b) Word art
c) Watermark
d) Text art

Which of the following is NOT a wrapping style available in Word?
a) Tight
b) Above
c) Through
d) Square

Which browser should you use to download the Microsoft Design Gallery Live web site?
a) Netscape
b) Internet explorer
c) Either of the other answers
d) Neither of the other answers

Which of the following is a gallery of clips organized on your hard drive?
a) Clip Art task pane
b) Clip organizer
c) Image organizer
d) Office collection

Which of the following is a “washed-out” graphic object or text that typically appears behind text?
a) Clip art
b) WordArt
c) Watermark
d) All of the other answers

How do you size a picture to exact measurements?
a) By using the mouse
b) By using the Size and Position pages of the Format Picture dialog box.
c) By using the drop-down list that displays when you click the Size Picture button.
d) By using the ruler to accurately measure the picture.

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