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Who is generally considered to be the Father of Georgia?
a) Hernando de Soto
b) Christopher Columbus
c) James Oglethorpe
d) John Reynolds

Which Indian culture was instrumental in the establishment of Georgia's first city?
a) Cherokee
b) Yamacraw
c) Creek
d) Seminole

Who served as the interpreter between the Europeans and the Indians in Georgia?
a) James Oglethorpe
b) Mary Musgrove
c) Pocahontas
d) Christopher Columbus

What city was known as the first planned city of Georgia?
a) Savannah
b) Atlanta
c) Augusta
d) Macon

Who granted the intial charter to colonize Georgia?
a) King George II
b) Queen Elizabeth I
c) King George III
d) Queen Isabella

Which of the following religious groups was NOT allowed to settle in Georgia?
a) Jews
b) Lutherans
c) Anglicans
d) Catholics

Who was the first Royal governor of Georgia?
a) James Wright
b) Henry Ellis
c) John Reynolds
d) James Oglethorpe

Which of the following was NOT allowed by the trustee charter in Georgia?
a) rum and slaves
b) silk and indigo
c) wine and tobacco
d) horses and dogs

What influenced James Oglethorpe to found a new world colony?
a) the death of his son
b) the imprisonment of his friend
c) the high taxes in England
d) the increase of slavery in Europe

Who was the greatest threat to the colony of Georgia?
a) The Highland Scots
b) The French
c) The Salzburgers
d) The Spanish

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