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The Gupta Empire experienced a Golden Age because of the
a) the spread of Buddhism
b) the peace and prosperity of the times
c) the invention of the decimal system
d) the power of the Delhi sultans

Which statement is best supported by a study if the history of South Asia
a) invaders and local princes battled for the control of the northern plain
b) the British were the first rulers to unite India
c) cultural diversity helped strong Indian leaders unify their kingdoms
d) powerful kingdoms in southern India

During India's early history, Indian social and family life centered on the
a) city-state
b) mosque
c) village
d) sultanate

Which statement about Asoka is NOT TRUE
a) under his rule, the Gupta Empire reached its greatest size
b) he converted to Buddhism during his reign
c) he practiced toleration of all religions
d) he sent Buddhist missionaries to Southeast Asia

Which region of India was never united by a conqueror
a) the Deccan
b) southern India
c) northern India
d) eastern India

The plays of the Indian dramatist Kalidasa were known for their
a) use of tragedy
b) focus on religious themes
c) skill with comedic timing
d) focus on emotions

One cause of the Maurya's collapse was
a) the death of Chandragupta
b) invasions along the northwestern border
c) Hindu resentment of pro-buddhist policies
d) popular unrest generated by heavy taxation

What impact did Gupta mathematicians have
a) they developed alegebra
b) they developed the Arabic number system and the concept of zero
c) there were very few advances in mathematics
d) they developed geometry

The political structure of India consisted mainly of
a) a strong centralized government
b) domination by Europeans
c) a complex pattern of separate independent states
d) control by the Chinese

Which is an example of the accomplishments of the Gupta period
a) the lunar calendar
b) the idea that the earth was round
c) brain surgery
d) the setting of broken bones

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