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Where were the Plains Indians located?
a) South-western Plateaus
b) Great Plains
c) Mid-west
d) Meso-America

Plains Indians were the only indians to what?
a) Ride/ Hunt horses & Crop corn
b) Live in teepees & Wear feathers
c) Meet the Pilgrims & Host first Thanksgiving
d) Hunt Buffalo & Live in teepees

What was the Plains Indians' symbolic emblem of their religion?
a) Flocking-Eagle
b) Thunder-Bird
c) Crazy Horse
d) Thunder-Cat

The number of feathers on a warbonnet ment what to the Plains Indians?
a) The number of children he had
b) His rank in command (Royalty)
c) The number of brave acts commited
d) Enemies he's killed

What was another symbol of bravery? (This was a neckace)
a) Sharks' tooth
b) buffalo horn
c) Bears' claw
d) Humans' tooth

What was the spiritual ritual done by the Plains Idians in worship to the Thunder-Bird?
a) Sun dance
b) Rain dance
c) Full-Moon dance

What was the main weapon Plains Indians used?
a) Bows & Arrows
b) Cubs
c) Knives
d) Tomahawks

Who's job was it to set up the teepee?
a) A Males'
b) A Females'
c) A Warrior-trainees'
d) A 10 year old boys'

What were a few tribes of the Plains Indians?
a) Crow, Pawnee & Comanche
b) Caddo, Galibi & Hanis
c) Konkow, Nde & Odawa
d) Palouse, Taos & Zuni

How far was the Plains Indian's territory?
a) Guatemala to California
b) Ohio to New York
c) Quebec to Utah
d) Saskatchewan to Rio Grande

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