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Identify which of the following is a property of matter.
a) reactivity
b) All of the above
c) malleability
d) color

Which does not correctly describe a behavior of matter?
a) rock when heated changes to an entirely new substance
b) an aluminum can is maleable and can crush
c) baking soda will react with acid and bubble
d) oxygen may react with iron and form rust

Which of the following correctly describes a behavior of water?
a) frozen water changes to gas
b) frozen water changes to a liquid
c) heated water changes to a solid
d) heated water changes to gas

Which of the following is a chemical property of matter?
a) malleability
b) state
c) reactivity
d) color

Matter is made of?
a) atoms
b) rock
c) gases
d) soil

If water was frozen into an ice cube, which statement correctly describes what happens to the mass?
a) mass becomes less
b) mass becomes more
c) mass is conserved
d) mass becomes greater

Which statement describes the law of conservation of mass?
a) during changes of state mass is conserved
b) during changes of state the density does not change
c) during changes of state mass decreases
d) during changes of state mass increases

The state of matter can be determined by which of the following?
a) the kind of particles that make up the object
b) position and movement of particles
c) how much matter makes up the object
d) the mass of the object

During physical changes, matter always retains its
a) size
b) texture
c) state
d) identity

Which statement describes the movement of molecules in a solid
a) regular pattern, vibrate, cannot change places
b) none of the above
c) very spread out, move quickly, no pattern of arrangement, continuously change places
d) close together, arranged randomly, all moving and changing places in all directions

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