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Diabetes is the inability for the ______ to make enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels within safe limits
a) adrenal gland
b) pancreas
c) thymus gland
d) thyroid gland

In females, the _______ produce hormones involved in reproduction.
a) adrenal glands
b) pancreas
c) ovaries
d) testes

Your _____ regulates the immune system, which helps your body fight disease.
a) adrenal gland
b) parathyroid gland
c) thymus gland
d) thyroid gland

When you are frightened or angry, your _____ produce adrenalin, which speeds up your heartbeat and breathing rate to prepare your body either to run from danger or to fight for survival.
a) pituitary glands
b) parathyroid glands
c) adrenal glands
d) ovaries or testes

_____ are produced by endocrine glands, released into the bloodstream and carried to target cells in the body.
a) hormones
b) axons
c) dendrites
d) neurons

A(n) ____ is a group of cells that makes hormones for your body.
a) enzyme
b) gland
c) dendrite
d) neuron

Which of the following is associated with the endocrine system?
a) slower, long-term processes
b) -------------
c) --------------
d) faster, short-term processes

The nervous system and endocrine system are similar because both
a) use hormones
b) contain major organs called glands
c) control and coordinate the body
d) use nerve impulses

Once hormones are produced, they are carried to the target cells by the _________ system
a) muscular
b) excretory
c) nervous
d) circulatory

Which of the following is controlled by the endocrine system?
a) growth
b) all are correct
c) sexual development
d) fluid balance

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