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How does literacy rate affect the standard of living?
a) Low literacy rates lead to a high standard of living
b) High literacy rates lead to a high standard of living
c) High literacy rates lead to a low standard of living
d) Literacy rate does not affect the standard of living

Latin America has very diverse ethnic groups. The different ethnicities in Latin America include:
a) Asians, Africans, and Europeans
b) Indigenous Americans, Europeans, and Greeks
c) Asians, Europeans, and Albanians
d) Indigenous Americans, Europeans, and Africans

Which of the following countries was a colony of Portugal?
a) Brazil
b) Mexico
c) Cuba
d) Nicaragua

Which of the following countries had the biggest influence on language and religion in Latin America?
a) Portugal
b) Germany
c) Spain
d) Italy

Which of the following is a main cause of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest?
a) Air pollution
b) Overpopulation
c) Cattle ranching
d) New settlements

Some countries have fewer natural resources than others. How does this affect their trade?
a) They need to import fewer products
b) They need to import more products
c) They need to export fewer products
d) They need to export more products

Which of the following is not a threat to the Amazon rainforest?
a) Mining
b) Flooding
c) Logging in the rainforest
d) New settlements

In which of the following types of government is power held by one central authority?
a) Unitary
b) Autocracy
c) Confederation
d) Federal

Which of the following landforms in located in South America?
a) Sierra Mountains
b) Stone Mountains
c) Ural Mountains
d) Andes Mountains

The Panama Canal:
a) Connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
b) Connects Mexico and Brazil
c) Separates North America
d) Separates the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

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