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a) god of light and music
b) where the gods & goddesses live
c) god of war
d) titan who held up the Earth

a) goddess of love
b) wife of Zeus, the queen
c) the boundless sea
d) messenger of the gods

a) lord of the dead
b) could see into the future
c) the boundless sea
d) lord of the sea

a) god of war
b) god of light and music
c) the Sky
d) titan who held up the Earth

a) the boundless sea
b) titan who held up the Earth
c) messenger of the gods
d) god of light and music

All of the following are names of the three cyclopes except
a) Thunder
b) Thunderbolt
c) Storm
d) Lightening

Gaea and Uranus had how many children?
a) 6
b) 12
c) 21
d) 18

Poseidon's 3-pronged spear is called a
a) smith
b) trident
c) atlas
d) lightening bolt

Zeus needed help in order to overthrow Cronus. Another word for a friend on your side is called an
a) ally
b) enemy
c) immortality
d) mount Olympus

What did Cronus used to overthrow his father
a) mason
b) trident
c) sickle
d) spear

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