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Which scientists offered proof that atoms exist?
a) Aristotle
b) Democritus
c) John Dalton
d) Isaac Newton

Which of the following models shows how unpredictable electrons are?
a) The atom is a solid, uniform ball.
b) A small ball in a large empty electron shell.
c) A solid ball with electrons intersperse througout
d) The electron cloud shows the movement of electrons

Which of the following properties did Rutherford use in his experiment?
a) the negative change of the alpha particles and the random distribution of protons
b) the negative charge of the alpha particles and the positive charge of the gold foil
c) the positive charge of the alpha particles and the negative charge of the electrons
d) the positive charge of the electrons in a uniform negative charge

Dalton's experiments advanced our understanding of the atom without
a) carefully observing and measuring events
b) discovering the internal structure of the atom
c) examining the ratios of elements involved in chemical reactions
d) testing a hypothesis

In Rutherford's gold foil experiment the alpha particles pass through which part of the atom?
a) the nucleus
b) the proton shield
c) the valence electron shell
d) the electron cloud

A electron enters ___________when it has absorbed energy and moved to a higher energy level.
a) an orbit
b) an excited state
c) a ground state
d) a quantum level

Electrons are never found in-
a) energy levels
b) energy shells
c) a nucleus
d) an electron cloud

Bohr believed that light is emitted by a electron when
a) the electron changes direction in its orbit
b) the electron's fixed orbit shifts
c) the electron's energy changes
d) the electron completes a revolution in its orbit

British physicist J.J. Thomson was the first to identify the
a) proton
b) neutron
c) electron
d) atomic theory

The building blocks of matter are
a) electrons
b) atoms and molecules
c) as of yet undiscovered
d) found only in the plasma state

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