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How are property rights protected in Russia?
a) The citizens of Russia vote
b) The Laws and court systems
c) They are not always protected
d) Corporations and their shareholders

What does GDP stand for?
a) Good Dogs Pant
b) Give Dollars Paint
c) Gross Dinner Party
d) Gross Domestic Product

In the United Kingdom who decides the price of goods and services be produced?
a) Queen Elizabeth II
b) The parliament
c) The animals owned by farmers
d) Buyers and sellers.

Who decides what and how much to produce in the United Kingdom?
a) The president and congress
b) Winston Churchill
c) Citizens and corporations
d) The house of representatives

Who owns the farms and businesses in Germany?
a) Citizens and corporations.
b) Federal government.
c) Soviet Union
d) Prime Minister

Why does Russia's steel production worry the European Union?
a) They worry that steel produced in Guam will not sell.
b) They are concerned that the steel market in Russia will crash.
c) The do not want steel produced in the E.U. to drop in value.
d) They think Russian steel is not as good as their own.

What do you have to do when trading with another country?
a) Check all of the cargo for mice.
b) Make a currency exchange.
c) Look for a better offer.
d) Run up the hotel bill.

What does Russia use as currency?
a) Rubles
b) USD
c) Pounds
d) Rocks

What does USD stand for?
a) Under Super Distance
b) Universe Stand Down
c) United States Dollar
d) United Silver Drops

How are embargoes different than tariffs?
a) They are the same.
b) Embargoes bann all trade.
c) Tariffs bann all trade.
d) Tariffs make trade easier.

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