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The definition of foreshadowing is:
a) an event that occurs multiple times
b) an event that occurs unexpectedly
c) hints and clues about what is to come
d) a reminder of something that already occurred

The definition of symbolism is:
a) When an object has no importance
b) Cheese
c) When an object is importan to a character
d) When an object represents something greater than itself

The protagonist is:
a) Any bad guy in the story
b) the narrator
c) the main character with the goal we want to see achieved
d) the character going against the main character

The climax of the novel is when:
a) the church burns down
b) Dally dies
c) Johnny kills Bob
d) Johnny dies

The resolution of the novel is when:
a) Ponyboy writes his theme
b) Darry hits Ponyboy
c) Ponyboy is jumped
d) Dally dies

A flashback occurs when:
a) Sandy moves away
b) Johnny & Pony run away
c) Ponyboy tells Cherry about Johnny getting jumped
d) The Curtis borthers' parents die in a car accident

The narrator in the story is:
a) Bob Sheldon
b) Johnny Cade
c) Susan Eloise Hinton
d) Ponyboy Curtis

This gang member doesn't really like Ponyboy very much:
a) Johnny Cade
b) Steve Randle
c) Sodapop Curtis
d) Dally Winston

This Soc stands up to Darry in the rumble:
a) Bob Sheldon
b) Randy Anderson
c) David Miller
d) Paul Holden

The youngest member of the gang is:
a) Johnny Cade
b) Ponyboy Curtis
c) Two-Bit Matthews
d) Steve Randle

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