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What is the term for the sequence of events in a story?
a) setting
b) character
c) theme
d) plot

What is the term for a character who changes throughout a story?
a) static
b) big
c) dynamic
d) main

What is the term for when and where a story takes place?
a) plot
b) setting
c) conflict
d) characters

What is the term for a struggle or problem in a story?
a) conflict
b) setting
c) character
d) plot

This term means a conflict that takes place inside a character\'s head.
a) setting
b) external conflict
c) internal conflict
d) static

This term means a conflict that involves an outside force.
a) resolution
b) moral
c) internal conflict
d) external conflict

This is the first part of a story, or the beginning.
a) rising action
b) exposition
c) resolution
d) falling action

This term means the events that take place between the climax and the resolution.
a) falling action
b) resolution
c) climax
d) exposition

This term is another word for the ending of a story.
a) plot
b) resolution
c) falling action
d) exposition

This term means the most exciting part of a story or the turning point.
a) climax
b) falling action
c) resolution

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