People On The Move Review - Native Americans Question Preview (ID: 1068)

Coastal And Plateau Native Americans. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What was the Coastal Native American\'s MOST important food?
a) bread
b) All of the Above
c) corn
d) salmon

Totem Poles are important to Native Americans because they ____________________
a) Scare their enemies from taking their valuables
b) Are used to hold flags
c) Tell stories
d) Look beautiful in front of their homes

A weir is _________________________
a) A bowl Coastal People eat out of
b) A wooden fence across a stream used to catch salmon
c) A sharp object used to spear fish
d) An instrument played at Pow Wows

Trees were important to the Coastal Native Americans but none were more important than the ______________
a) Cedar
b) Fir
c) Palm
d) Evergreen

A culture is ___________________________________________
a) a woven basket used to carry food
b) what Native American kids call recess
c) the way of life of a group of people
d) what is used to cut down cedar trees

Coastal children learned many important lessons through _____________________ which taught them beliefs and history of their village.
a) television
b) legends
c) children\'s books
d) myths

Coastal people had a special way to celebrate important events such as a weddding at a _____________________________
a) bar mitzvah
b) fiesta
c) party
d) potlatch

Home to the Plateau People
a) Eastern Washington
b) Southern Washington
c) Northern Washington
d) Western Washington

Plateau People lived in ____________________ in the winter to keep warm
a) tipis
b) tents
c) pit houses
d) longhouses

Horses were important to the Plateau People because they ______________________________
a) learned they could travel farther in search of food
b) All of the above
c) could make even longer hunting trips
d) could carry heavier loads

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