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What was the first trust that T.R. broke up?
a) Standard Oil Company
b) American Tobacco Company
c) Northern Securities Company
d) Anthracite Coal Company

The protection of natural resources (favored by T.R.).
a) National Parks
b) FTC
c) Square Deal
d) Conservation

Who won the presidential election of 1912?
a) Taft
b) Roosevelt
c) McKinley
d) Wilson

This was created by President Wilson to ensure fair competition. It could investigate companies and stop them from using unfair practices to destroy competition.
a) Federal Trade Commission
b) Federal Reserve Act
c) New Freedom
d) Conservation

This was set up by President Wilson and Congress to regulate banking, control the money supply, and raise or lower interest rates.
a) Federal Trade Commission
b) Bull Moose Party
c) Conservation
d) Federal Reserve Act

An economic system in which few restrictions are placed on business activities and ownership.
a) Conservation
b) trustbuster
c) Free Enterprise
d) Bull Moose

What did the Pure Food and Drug Act require?
a) Factories must let inspectors in at least once a week to inspect their food.
b) Listing ingredients on packages.
c) Cleaning factories daily.
d) Remove chemicals from canned foods.

What was an area set aside for people to visit and who created it?
a) National Park; Wilson
b) National Park; Teddy Roosevelt
c) Conservation, Teddy Roosevelt
d) Conservation; Taft

Where did T.R. go after his Presidential term was over and who became President next?
a) Africa; Wilson
b) Europe; Taft
c) South America; Wilson
d) Africa; Taft

Some people called T.R. a trustbuster but he did not agree? Why?
a) T.R. believed that trusts were good.
b) T.R. believed that the government should not get involved with the economy.
c) T.R. believed that there were good trusts and bad trusts.
d) T.R. believed that all trusts should be busted.

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