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What happens to an object in motion when the forces are balanced?
a) it stays in motion
b) it stops
c) it changes direction
d) it slows down

On earth, what forces are acting on everything?
a) friction
b) gravity
c) displacement
d) both 1 and 2

A 10 N force is used to push a 4 kg stroller a distance of 8 meters. What is the amount of work done?
a) 8 J
b) 80 J
c) 800 J
d) 8000 J

An object with more mass requires ______ force to get it to move.
a) less
b) the same
c) more
d) no

In a distance vs time graph, a striaght line going horizontal indicates the object is_____
a) going faster
b) stopped
c) going back to home
d) going the same speed

A car traveling south on Grant road at 30 miles per hour has a velocity of _______
a) 30 mph
b) 15 mph south
c) 30 mph south
d) 15 mph

In a speed vs time graph, a straight, horizontal line means the object is going
a) faster
b) stopped
c) going back to home
d) going the same (constant) speed

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. This is the _____
a) Law of Masses
b) Law of Conservation of Energy
c) Law of Destruction
d) Law of Construction

A car burning a fossil fuel so it can move transforms _____ energy into mechanical energy.
a) nuclear
b) electrical
c) electromagnetic
d) chemical

A rollercoaster has more potential energy_______
a) at the top of the hill
b) at the bottom of the hill
c) turning a curve
d) at the very end

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