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Identify a situation in which work is being done
a) turning a page in a science book
b) reading a science book
c) resting a science book against the wall
d) holding a science book

How much work is done if a 2N box is moved 4m?
a) .5Nm
b) 2Nm
c) 4Nm
d) 8Nm

What evidence proves that no work is being done on an object?
a) an object remains stationary
b) an object moves
c) an object has mass
d) an object is rigid

The downward growth of roots and upward growth of leaves are responses to
a) sunlight
b) gravity
c) osmosis
d) water

What causes a plant to wilt?
a) response to gravity
b) negative homeostasis
c) excessive humidity
d) lack of turgor pressure

Which situation would require more work for the man putting a barrel into the truck?
a) A man using a short but steep ramp
b) A man using a long but not steep ramp
c) They are both doing the same amount of work
d) There is not enough information

W = F x D ... What is
a) Destination
b) Distance
c) Dessert
d) Dictionary

What is the tool used to measure force called?
a) Triple beam balance
b) Ramp
c) Graduated cylinder
d) Spring scale

A batter walks up to home plate with a bat, stands with the bat in the air, swings, and hits the ball. Which part describes NO work?
a) batter walks up to home plate with a bat
b) stands with the bat in the air
c) swings
d) hits the ball

How much work is done if a 6N car is pushed 5m?
a) 11 Nm
b) 1 Nm
c) There is no work.
d) 30 Nm

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