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Who are the four main characters in the story?
a) Bright Stars, Tommy, Omri, and Patrick.
b) Omri, Patrick Little Bear, and Tommy.
c) Omri, Patrick, Little Bear, and Boone.
d) Patrick, Omri, Tommy, and Littlt Bear.

What does Patrick give Omri for his birthday?
a) cupboard
b) toy car
c) Plastic cowboy
d) Plastic Indian

Little Bear told Omri to give him ________, ___________, and __________.
a) a tepee, fire, food.
b) a blanket, food, fire.
c) longhouse, meat, and weapons.
d) horse, food, and wife.

Where did the story mainly take place?
a) In the park.
b) In Patrick's room.
c) In the alley.
d) In Omri's room.

When Omri brought the chief to life, why did he fall over?
a) He died.
b) He fainted.
c) He became ill.
d) He was sleeping.

What did Patrick want to keep?
a) The key.
b) Little Bear.
c) Boone.
d) The knight

Why was Omri mad at Patrick?
a) He wouldn't play with him.
b) He wouldn't let him carry Boone and Little Bear.
c) He yelled at him.
d) He almost told his secret.

Omri told Patrick he couldn't have Little Bear and Boone any longer because______.
a) he used them and you can't use people.
b) he almost drowned them in the basin.
c) his pocket wasn't large enough.
d) he was tired of them.

Why did Little Bear Shoot Boone?
a) because he took his horse.
b) because Indians and Cowboys didn't get along.
c) He was trying to hunt for food.
d) He was practicing shooting

What is the theme of the story?
a) Indians and cowboys fight.
b) You shouldn't tell your friend a secret.
c) About magic and toys.
d) About responsibility and friendship.

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