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What is a scientific theory?
a) A well tested observation over a long time
b) A best guess hypothesis
c) An opinion
d) An observation of what happens

What is a scientific law?
a) An observation of what happens
b) An opinion
c) An explanation of why something happens
d) A proven theory

In red shift, the wavelengths of light become
a) longer
b) shorter
c) Faster
d) Bluer

The Big Bang Theory explains
a) origins of the universe
b) why the universe was created
c) Law of Gravity
d) the beginning of life

A galaxy that is moving toward the Earth will show
a) a blue shift in the spectrum
b) a red shift in the spectrum
c) an increase in light years
d) a decrease in brightness

Who observed galaxies moving away from us?
a) Edwin Hubble
b) Robert Wilson
c) Arno Penzias
d) Georges Lemaitre

What does the Big Bang Theory say?
a) All of the matter in the Universe exploded from a tiny, dense point
b) The universe was created in its current location
c) The universe is collapsing and getting smaller.
d) Two galaxies collided causing a big bang

Which of the following is evidence of the Big Bang Theory?
a) The universe is expanding
b) Cavemen heard a loud bang at the beginning of time
c) The universe is getting smaller
d) The universe isn't moving

Which of the following is NOT evidence of the Big Bang Theory?
a) Stars that are blue shifted
b) CMBR everywhere
c) the universe is getting bigger
d) abundance of Hydrogen and Helium

Why is the Big Bang Theory the most accepted theory for how the universe was formed?
a) It is the most simple explanation for the evidence we have.
b) Religion says its the best theory
c) A small group of scientists said it was the best opinion
d) Science has proven it beyond doubt.

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